Lagrange is a program developed by myself and Rick Ree implementing likelihood models for geographic range evolution on phylogenetic trees, with methods for inferring rates of dispersal and local extinction and ancestral ranges. It was originally a Python package and the official website is hosted by google code. In order to allow for larger trees and more complicated analyses, I have developed a C++ version. The source code for this version is available at github.

This software implements methods described in Ree, R. H. and S. A. Smith. 2008. Maximum-likelihood Inference of Geographic Range Evolution by Dispersal, Local Extinction, and Cladogenesis. Systematic Biology. 57: 4-14. pdf

See also Ree, R H, B R Moore, C O Webb, and M J Donoghue. 2005. A likelihood framework for inferring the evolution of geographic range on phylogenetic trees. Evolution 59(11):2299-2311

For help running lagrange, contact Rick Ree or Stephen Smith.