listed as Phylogenetic Systematics


Location: Mason Hall 3427 Time: Wed. 10am-1pm

Description: EEB 491 is a course designed to cover the theory and methods used in phylogenetics. In addition to discussions of each topic, students will learn the material by examining the algorithms with the python programming language. Classes will consist of a description and discussion of the topic followed by implementations of the algorithm in python. The goal is for students to understand phylogenetic methods through practical programming experiences. Topics will includes sequence manipulation and alignment, dataset assembly, phylogenetic reconstruction, tree searching, character reconstruction, and dating analyses. Prior programming experience is helpful but is not required. Class will start with a python tutorial and students will learn or strengthen programming skills throughout the course. However, familiarity with computers is assumed (e.g., ability to use text editors, navigate and run programs in the shell or terminal). Weekly homework will be given and will typically involve extending the procedures covered in class. Students will also develop a project of their own involving either the exploration of a method or analysis of their own data.